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This long-awaited issue of Arts & Cultures, now in your hands, takes a look at the topic of “transmission”. In it you will find contributions from a range of authors, including anthropologists, historians, art historians, journalists and collectors. In studies, reports, accounts of travels among peoples on all five continents, covering the period from prehistory to the present day, they consider several types of transmission, from different perspectives. Humans have always sought to improve their situation, their knowledge, skills and future.
The production and transmission of knowledge, which forms the basis of any culture, has always been a crucial challenge for the survival of communities. Knowledge is exchanged, renewed and reinvented, and spoken transmission is undoubtedly one of the main ways in which teaching takes place, in both oral and written cultures.

Editorial (extract)
Laurence Mattet



– The Musée Barbier-Mueller: A Temple of Cultural Transmission
– Knowledge and Know-How and Their Transmission in Prehistoric Times
– The Transmission of Knowledge in Ancient Egypt
– From Greece to Magna Graecia: Transmission and Adaptation of Attic Pottery
– Making “Beautiful” Kayapo Feather Ornaments
– Transmission, Tradition and Authenticity in African Arts
– Beyond Kifwebe: Masks Attributed to the Songye-Tempa and Tetela-Sungu
– A Horse for Travelling between Heaven and Earth: Study of a Tang Dynasty Artefact
– Encounters, Influences and Interpretations: Jewellery as Instruments of Transmission
– Ancestor Images and Healing Figurines: Wood Sculptures from Nias, Indonesia
– The Transmission of Art Traditions in New Ireland
– Conservation, Transformation and Transmission of Ivory among the Dolgan (Asian Arctic)
– Wilde Goose Chase
– Native Women Voices: A Laboratory of Ideas
– Notre-Dame de Paris: A Manufactured Middle Ages
– “I Was Brought up by a Library”

• Dealers’ Memories: Lance Entwistle Interviewed by Laurence Mattet
• Art as Legacy: Reminiscences of the Barbier-Mueller Grandchildren
• Activities of the Musée and the Fondation Culturelle Musée Barbier-Mueller


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