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Treasures of the Parisian Couture HandFan

Designed for ‘spectacle’ in every sense of the term -at a time when women more than ever used their finery to show off- the Duvelleroy fan took its place among the marvels of the nineteenth century with objects that were unique both in terms of their style and their facture. The company brought back to life these stylistic exercises since 2010 through new dialogues between materials and techniques.


Preface by Christian Lacroix
Foreword : A Whole World in the Pleats of a Fan
Chapter 1 : 1827-2010. The Duvelleroy Saga
Chapter 2 : Contemporary Enchantment: The Renaissance of Duvelleroy
Chapter 3 : Making Marvels: The Art of Finesse
Postface : The Spirit of Lightness
Bibliography and filmography


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