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INTIMA 18thcentury

French Art de Vivre in the eighteenth century

This beautiful book is an invitation, in words and images, to penetrate the sophisticated atmosphere of the residences of the elite of the French kingdom, between the reign of Louis XIV and the Revolution. Châteaux, hôtels particuliers and maisons de plaisance, where they lived in total art decors, filled with refined furniture and objects.
The title, «Intima 18th century», sets the tone for this book, conceived as a plunge into the intimacy of 17th- and 18th- century homes – a period when notions of intimacy and privacy emerged and took hold.
Sophistication, excellence, refinement and comfort: these are the themes of the four parts, which allow us to enter into the very interior of the homes, up close to the furniture and objets d’art, their patrons and the people who made them. Double-page focuses allow you to get up close and personal with remarkable objects, as well as to share in the grooming, dining, games, tastes and habits of some of the leading figures of the period. Other focuses explain how cabinetmakers, woodworkers, ornamentalists, table makers, bronze smiths and other mercers worked in their stores and workshops.